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Guillermo Cobo composer


My music takes as reference the geometry inherent to the natural phenomena and forms that surround us.


Through mathematics, this geometry is abstracted into various algorithms that allow me to translate into music the internal logic present in mountains, deserts, rivers or even in our own biology.


Taking nature as a model, these algorithms operate at different scales within the work, establishing a fractal logic with which I try to achieve violent, primal and powerful music. 


I am currently doing my PhD in History and Arts at the University of Granada under the direction of Pedro Ordoñez Eslava.


My research revolves around the music of Spanish composer Francisco Guerrero Marín and the role that mathematics and fractal geometry play in his compositional process.


Likewise, I have made musicological approaches to other Andalusian composers such as Manuel Castillo.

Guillermo Cobo musicologo
Guillermo Cobo profesor docente


I am currently Professor of Composition and Analysis at the Conservatory of Music of Aragon. Likewise, from 2021 to 2023, I was a teacher at the Conservatory of Music of Soria (Spain).

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